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Luigi's book and magazines page
A delicious, small book: "Tazio Secchiaroli, the original Paparazzo", 1996
cm 19 x 13,5 - pages 96, and many B/W pictures of famous actors and directors

Tazio was a Leica Professional user
He gave me his TWO (vintage) Leica MP's

I am proud to have known Tazio. I suggest you to purchase and to
READ this book, which text is in both Italian and English languages.
You'll discover (and perhaps you will better understand) the Roman
"Dolce Vita" atmosphere, and some interesting stories about it. Eur 35

A 172 pages small book on Ducati camera system, text in English and Italian,
very interesting for the company history, ACTUALLY SOLD-OUT ! Perhaps... will return, ASK.

Libro Nikon F2 "blu" in esaurimento, in Italiano,
nuovo, offerto a prezzo affare, ultime copie rimaste

...non vi deluderà. Nuovo, vecchia edizione

Libro Nikon BLU, F2, Nikkormat EL, Nikonos II, IN ESAURIMENTO, € 90
Bellissimo, recente libro sulle Rectaflex, con capitolo sulle Gamma
AUTORE, Marco Antonetto, collezionista e studioso
delle fotocamere italiane.

RectaflexItalBookCover.jpg (80332 byte) RectaflexItalBookGoldpage.jpg (88778 byte) RectaflexItalBookLiechtpage.jpg (73961 byte) RectaflexItalBookPrototypespage.jpg (68630 byte) RectaflexItalBookRotorpage.jpg (74589 byte) RectaflexItalBookStandardpage.jpg (83447 byte)
RectaflexItalBookRossipage.jpg (101929 byte) RectaflexItalBookGammapage.jpg (152150 byte) RectaflexItalBookGammalensespage.jpg (88495 byte) RectaflexItalBookRearcover.jpg (70009 byte)
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133RectaflexBookJunior.jpg (75292 byte) 153RectaflexBookSeries 40 000.jpg (64615 byte) 155RectaflexBookSeries 40 000.jpg (74708 byte) 159RectaflexBookSeries40 000.jpg (73174 byte) 165RectaflexBookRotor.jpg (71725 byte) 171RectaflexBookGold.jpg (86823 byte) 
175RectaflexBookSpecials.jpg (92629 byte) 181RectaflexBookRangefinder.jpg (66991 byte) 199RectaflexBookLenses.jpg (74867 byte) 205RectaflexBookLensesGold.jpg (74369 byte) 225RectaflexBookLenses.jpg (65315 byte) 233RectaflexBookShade.jpg (73878 byte)
241RectaflexBookCasesFilters.jpg (80515 byte) 247RectaflexBookGamma.jpg (77826 byte) 249RectaflexBookGamma.jpg (80788 byte) 251RectaflexBookGamma.jpg (64580 byte) 261RectaflexBookGammaLenses.jpg (63540 byte) 299RectaflexBookRearCover.jpg (79945 byte)
New and exhaustive book on the SOLE Italian SLR camera, the faboulous Rectaflex, with an useful
and interesting chapter on the rare Gamma Italian Leica copy, too. Rarest models and several
prototypes are shown, perfectly described (with both companies "history"), with a lot of pictures,
NEW, reduced at  € 60

Guida agli accessori Leica - L'unico esistente
in italiano, che io sappia (Torino, 1985), utilissimo,
Euro 20

Leica Pocket Book
in italiano (Torino, 1985), utilissimo,
Euro 25 (ma forse esaurito )
And now, finally, after years, I made my SS buttons, even IMPROVED, 
also for the new, special Leica thread, strangely introduced by LEICA 
in ALL the most recent Digital Leica M, since the MM, Monochrom I
...same TWO models: "Concave" and "Convex" - 
Eur 20 each 
A new very special product MADE and offered by Luigi
Please, look attentively... I am introducing MY two "soft releases"
for Leica and other cameras. I know, several are offered around
But, those two models are made in SOLID STAINLESS STEEL
TWO models: "Concave" and "Convex" - 
Eur 20 each
the kind buyers are kindly requested to notice me which is the 
wanted model, for which cameras, and in which finish, between : 
SOLID SS (naked silver), BLACK durable paint, RED durable paint

However, I can't guarantee the paint duration... (NOW quite strong)

I thought to post a feedback of a kind buyer, about this item(s)
TWO models: "Concave" and "Convex" - Euro 20 each, choose yours
$ 6 for the Priority Post shipping.
If you'll want, I am now offering either the "Convex" or the "Concave"
in the following finishes, paint lasting not warranted:

                                         - SS chrome-like, original SS pattern, indestructible
- Black paint
- Red paint

Dear visitors, look what I received from a former buyer, about his button:
  Positive feedback rating   Wonderful service. Soft release is well made. You won't believe the difference!
  Buyer   malewitsch( 56Feedback score is 50 to 99)