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Made with UNUSUAL, RED, soft, 1st quality ecologically tanned leather, here a very special
HALF case for a Leica M6-MP, the built-in-grip model, with according deluxe strap
The rear cutout can be also made for M7. Would cost Euro 220, OFFERED at Euro 180

ONE-OFF, a cute half case for Leica Digilux 2, and/or for Panasonic Lumix LC1,
with deluxe strap, both made in our best calf leather with the Forest Green finish
Special price, Eur 180 for both (instead that Eur 260...), + Eur 16 worldwide expedited shipping


Here a... Prototype FULL case for a Leica M fitted with a
Leicavit-M - case with the built-in-grip facility, and the deluxe strap

It is virtually perfect, although it is a real PROTOTYPE

 Offered at Eur 300, only, strap included.
A very special "Rally brown" FULL built-in-grip case, with TWO differently made
"noses" - As you can easily notice, the left nose is VERY large, and long, that
allowing to fit the Leica M with lenses as long as the 90mm Summicron Asph.
The shorter and smaller nose allows the fitting of a Leica M with a 50mm
lens, without hood, if not collapsed or reversed. The (quite long, too) 35/1.4
Summilux Asph. may be fitted, too, but only without an hood on it
obviously, the long "nose" is accepting several longer lenses...

Not two cases, then, but ONE case with TWO different noses

When the nose is removed, of course the case become a practical HALF case, very compact

ATTENTION: this case is not ready for shipping ! We made it upon a
request of a good customer, but we are willing to make it, if ordered
again, in about 14 making days. Full case, 2 noses, strap, Eur 480
Please, visit again this page - I will add several "one-off" new cases
pictures, and special offered prices for them...