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we make and sell leather goods, the M-Mates, SS buttons, caps, and some more,
which are all Luigi's 
Italian items, hand made by Italians, in Roma, Italy
Luigi's products Utility Sets
I thought to offer some "ready utility sets" for your cameras
If appreciated, I will increase their number, offering several options
Of course, the whole price of a set is lower than the arithmetic addition
PayPal accepted, but all payments MUST to be received NET from the 4% fee, sorry  

Utility Set # 1

 This set is composed by (...if available colors... at your choice)

- One M-Mate3 (for Leica M9 and M8), special baseplate for a quick (and easy) change of the
battery and the SD card. Made in Italy. Available in paint finish: black, silver, metal gray
- One black (or other color) Luigi's Deluxe strap, adjustable lenght until % cm 115-120,
with shoulder pad and lateral protectors. This strap is soft, and it improves with use !
- One black (or other color) Luigi's spare battery/SD cards carrier (room for 2 SD cards)
it has been designed for Leica M9-M8, but works well also for the Fuji X100. Fits the strap
- One solid SS Luigi's soft shutter release button, Convex or Concave, available in the
finished : "naked" SS silver, Black paint, Red paint. Now I have well durable paint
The four items are offered at Euro 280 (instead that Euro 360), as a SET

Utility Set # 2

or... Want you save, either on prices and on shipping, ordering this my Utility Set # 2, consisting in those 4 items ?
The M-Mate4 (with included grip), a Deluxe strap, a Battery/SD cards carrier, a solid SS soft shutter release button

I am offering this utility set # 2, including 4 items, at Euro 380, (instead than 500...) - the case will follow, ordering it 
shipping options
NOW I ship by DHL or UPS
DHL/UPS shipping to EU and USA until 500 grams Eur 25, Asian countries Eur 32, or more
shipping to EU and USA until 1000 grams Eur 32, Asian countries Eur 38, or more
A less expensive (but slower) registered air mail shipping available,
Eur 16 to Eur 20
for light parcels,
Eur 22 to Eur 30 for over 500 to 1000 grams
Packing & handling included

(but there are more costly exceptions - Russia, as example...)