I inform you that ONLY the former NAME has been CHANGED, Leica Microsystems obtained that
please, be confident, it's the same company, the same Luigi and Ginevra, the same VAT #, the same, 
usual fast, friendly and reliable service of before, and, of course, the same, well known physical
shipping address (not a shop) : via Courmayeur 35, 00135 Roma, Italy

the same Luigi phone, too, available also through WhatsApp : +39 337 747633
our email addresses changed, too... Please, click here : Luigi  - or - Massimiliano
ATTENTION: for my "how to purchase" INFO page, please click HERE - Partita IVA: IT 06822200587

No credit cards, sorry, but you may use them with  PayPal     
"Luigi Prime" , immediate shipping for the ready items !  
March 2019 -----
L uigi's   GENUINE cases line, NO copies

I hope that discerning buyers may distinguish Luigi's original,from the many copies around
My cases do have a "soul"...

Thank you for visiting my pages. Please, be patient, and scroll down for many more info

ATTENTION: for my "how to purchase" INFO page, please click HERE and, for send us a mail, please click HERE
I make THREE different types of my cases, all hand made in Italy, by expert Italian artisans : colours samples...
(+more colors)
- Premium Line, HAND STITCHED, made using the VERY best Italian leather available, only, strap is optional
 (for very small Premium cases, some are NOT hand stitched, but with them I add a FREE strap)

- Basic Plus Line, NOT hand stitched, made with quite good leathers, ADJUSTABLE strap included
- Basic Line, the less costly, NOT hand stitched, made with still "good" leathers, NO strap
SHIPPING is NOT included ! By fast UPS/DHL, Eur 25 to most western countries, Eur 32 elsewhere
attention: I placed several PayPal buttons on most of my pages, with prices and colors options,
well, whom will buy using them, will SAVE, because NO extra fees will be added, nor requested
Of course, this doesn't mean that I want to avoid communications ! :-) Please, email if you'll want...
A newly made page, just started, ACTUALLY in progress, will be more rich of pictures in a few weeks...
  page under construction...
MY 7 MODELS OF M-Mates, special baseplates for digital Leica M's  

Harmony Premium Cases and straps for Leica M10, M10-P, M10-D

Cases for Leica SL601 digital, and S2, S006, S007  
Half and FULL Cases for Leica Q2,Q-P,Q, Leica CLD, and Leica T 
most items with PayPal buttons

*Cases for Leica M-D, and  Leica M60
*Cases for
Leica MP/M240, M262, MONOCHROM II  

HALF cases for Leica M9, M9P, Monochrom 1, M-E, M8, M8-2  

*FULL cases for Leica Monochrom I, M-E, M9P, M9, M8, M8-2  
*Luigi's M-Mates special Baseplates for digital Leica M's

*Luigi's leather + SS caps and SS buttons
*Half and FULL Cases for Leica V-Lux
*CASES FOR LEICA D-Lux7 and D-LUX (type 109) + former D-Lux models
 *Neck/shoulder straps, + leather's accessories  
most items with PayPal buttons
*Wrist Straps, only (page under construction) most items with PayPal buttons
*Leica X and Leica X-Vario
*Leica Digilux2-3 ONLY 

 *cases for film Leica M  
*cases for Leica screw Mt.       *cases for Leica R  

*some PayPal buttons - Neck straps, leather's accessories   

*"Custom" made + Outfit cases     

*Fuji X series, all models (that we make...)
*Rollei/Rolleiflex 2,8F and 3,5F and similar TRL  

and, now, also for Rollei GX


   *Purses for Ladies
other film cameras
        *other digital cameras
                    *Sony      *Nikon digital+film  

*Olympus OM-D            *Epson R-D1

*some PayPal buttons -  Neck straps, leather's accessories 
now with several "Buy Now" PayPal buttons

 *Luigi's utility sets       *One-Off cases, have a look...     Luigi
SHIPPING is NOT included ! By fast UPS/DHL, Eur 25 to most western countries, Eur 32 elsewhere


Dear Sirs, before to order, I suggest you to shortly visit this my page : (click)
Genuine Feedback
Disclaimer: our cases and accessories are made with the finest quality leather and are very strong,
nevertheless we assume no responsibility for any possible damage to the customer’s items, even more if
caused by negligence in checking that each item is fit properly. It’s obviously the customer’s responsibility
to maintain its gear in the right way, doing the proper maintenance on closures, straps, etc. (Like for shoes)

 A brief summary of your order, including all the details desired is extremely necessary to receive the items wanted.
If changes occur, and they are not mentioned in the final summary, therefore in the proper details of the PayPal payment
or in the last email, sorry, but we won’t take responsibility of any errors in the items sent. Thank you for understanding,
but it would be impossible to read again and again several times all the former messages for each single transactions.
ATTENTION: Luigi's Italian items, hand made by Italians in Roma, Italy
*** SORRY, no returns from outside the EU countries, please !***
consider that when placing a your possible order...


ATTENTION: I reserve the right to improve my cases, and straps, as actually I am doing very often
Then, some of the recently made cases and straps may slightly differ (in better) from the pictured ones

No credit cards, sorry, but you may use them with  
PayPal gladly accepted, but all payments MUST to be received NET, adding the 4% fee, sorry
Of course, NET wired bank transfers are accepted, too, please ask for the necessary details

READ, PLEASE: I make so many cases models, colors, and variations, that a “ item # ” would make me crazy to
understand the buyer’s wishes ! In fact, the possible options are more that 1.000 !!! A lot better is to
email me a short and precise description of the wanted items, along with your location and phone #…

Luigi's cases line
  since 1982 Luigi
ABOUT SHIPMENTS: of course, I would prefer to ship by DHL/UPS, that are fast, and VERY reliable. But, it cost...
By Registered Air Mail , sorry, NO MORE, or, say, only exceptionally !

Shipping rules: dear (possible) buyers, although we are always using the MOST reliable shipping
ways, as UPS/DHL, EMS, it must be very clear that we are NOT responsible for
any shipping risk after that we have carefully sent the sold items. Of course,
the SAFETY of our parcels, when them are on the way to reach you, is out from our control. Then,
I must enhance this WARNING: we will issue a full refund OR a 2nd similar item shipment ONLY if you
will request (and purchase) a FULLY INSURED SHIPPING, adding an extra 1% of the grand total of
your purchase, with a miminum amount of Euro 3 for low cost items. Thank you for your understanding.


No credit cards, sorry, but you may use them with PayPal     

SOME (a few) of our more costly items, will be shipped packed
into one of those special, robust Luigi boxes













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